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Five Questions for Alice: Our Talent Managing Superstar

1. How do you start your day?

In the glory days I would try to make myself breakfast (egg and bagel) and a coffee straight away when I arrive to get my day started right.  I, however, gave up coffee for New Years, and this is my first day of veganism for Lent so now I just have watery porridge – […]

Brainlabs do Christmas

Christmas festivities are taken deadly seriously at Brainlabs HQ. Three big days of celebration were planned for the most wonderful time of the year. First, Christmas cheer was stirred up as the team took a trip down to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, where we enjoyed ice skating and mulled wine, falling over and skating backwards.

On the second day of […]

Decisions, Decisions – An Advanced A/B Testing Tool for your AdWords Accounts

Sometimes the testing tools built into AdWords aren’t enough. So we wrote a script that lets you test anything. You simply have two versions of your campaigns – the ‘Control’ and ‘Experiment’ – and the script alternately pauses and enables them every hour, so they get an even share of the traffic. The script then checks the performance to see if there’s […]

Brainlabs: Best Large PPC Agency

We always knew last night would be a big night – but we had no idea how big… We’re talking about the UK Search Awards 2015: the biggest awards night in Search. The Brainlabs team headed down to the Southbank after work with all our  fingers and toes crossed. We were not disappointed. Brainlabs won a grand total of three awards […]

‘We’ve got you now’… How we ran a programmatic ad campaign that actually worked.


Most retargeting and prospecting ads are pretty boring. As the saying goes:

“No-one clicks on Display ads.”
– Loads of people, all the time

So we thought we’d try to do something a bit more engaging. That’s when #retargetingworks was born.

We started by showing prospects and previous site visitors ads like the following:



If they clicked on the ad, we’d then show them a page like […]

The 24 hour bidding schedule for AdWords

We’ve written an AdWords script to let you bid 24 times a day, 7 days a week
We often find that ROI and conversion rates are extremely variable at different times of the day and on different days of the week. However the standard Google Ad Scheduling only allows for six bidding windows in one day – not nearly enough if […]

Sophie Excels at HeroConf

At Brainlabs, we all know Sophie is an Excel hero. Under her expert guidance, the Brainbox grads have been introduced to spreadsheet capacities beyond their wildest dreams. On Wednesday, Sophie shared those skills with PPC aficionados at HeroConf and she was a total hit. Her talk received critical acclaim on Twitter. “Holy Excel” one user exclaimed “@_Sophie_Newton’s #HeroConf session Rocks”. […]

Sophie & Dan at HeroConf

Today Sophie and Dan are off to impart wisdom at HeroConf. At 1pm, Sophie has some cracking secrets to share about how to use advanced Excel skills. Skills that will take your AdWords account to the next level – effectively the 1-Up Green Mushroom of PPC. Later, at 3.15pm, Dan will be talking about how to bid better. He argues […]

Dan speaks at SearchLove

Yesterday, Dan Gilbert spoke at the SearchLove conference. The SearchLove conference is a meeting of all the great digital minds who really really love search. So there were a bunch of cool companies like us there, all talking about the bleeding edge of search.

Dan spoke about how SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click) can actually be friends […]

Label Your Keywords With Organic Rank Data

Fill out a Google Docs spreadsheet with the organic positions of your site and a few competitors, and this script will label up any matching keywords in your account with those positions. This means it’s easy to analyse how SEO is affecting your PPC performance!

If you’ve not run a script before please read our Introduction to AdWords Scripts. For more open-source fun […]