Test and learn is the foundation of science. And science is what brings creative and commercial together in the modern age of advertising.

We start with a challenge: how do we generate the big ideas that can transform your business? With a solid data foundation, we can turn ideas into hypotheses, follow the scientific method and test, test, test. When our experiments reach statistical significance, we can then activate our insights to see true commercial impact.

To support your marketing, we’ve built our expertise in six key capabilities.


Working closely with your team, we can develop a set of marketing KPIs that actually deliver against your business objectives. First, we perform a full audit of your marketing activities and refine your digital media mix. Then, we build a roadmap for your media budget with targets benchmarked against historic data and vertical insights.

As part of our full management services or on a project-basis, we can help teams put together a plan for running an effective marketing with an integrated testing plan based on four questions:

  1. What do we need to test?
  2. Why do we need to test it?
  3. When do we know if the test is successful?
  4. How do we actually learn from the test?

Data Measurement

Collecting, analyzing, and using data is what separates the superheroes from the amateurs of digital marketing. Online, every data point is a potential insight that offers a tactical advantage over the rest of the pack.

Clean, reliable data is the foundation of good analysis and making informed decisions. We carry out an analytics implementation audit for all our clients to make sure that your setup is best-in-class, and provide ongoing support to keep things that way. This facilitates cross-channel tracking, qualitative research, measuring KPIs compared to benchmarks, and extensive testing. 

Transparency is crucial: we set up automated, digestible, and relevant reports that focus on metrics that matter to help build data literacy within your business. We can build custom reports that aggregate all the critical information that our clients want to see. By analysing this data further, we can find actionable insights to see real business value.


The modern advertising landscape is for smart people using smart tech. To thrive in this era you need to be data-fluent, tech-led, and powered by automation. That’s what we think, anyway. But we kind of know what we’re talking about. Wherever you need support to make the most out of technology for your marketing, we can help.


Choosing the right tech amongst a fragmented MarTech landscape is no mean feat. We support clients with third-party software selection to help achieve marketing goals.

Licensing & Implementation

Using new technologies requires an in-depth understanding of how they work. We can assist with both implementing and licensing software, including as a Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner.

Brainlabs Stack

We’ve developed our proprietary technology stack in response to the day-to-day needs of digital marketers to automate workflows and operate at scale. Our software covers all of the key areas of paid media management and optimisation.


No two businesses are alike. We can integrate custom elements to our tech to address your needs, and offer flexible solutions to help clients with challenges that require bespoke technology.

Digital Channels

Digital marketing is our testing ground to learn more about your audience and deliver effective advertising.

As paid search experts, we aim to be an extension of our clients’ businesses, looking beyond CTRs and CPCs to understand the metrics that matter most for your business. We rebuild entire accounts in the most granular structure in order to deliver a personalised user experience across Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Amazon Ads. 

We work closely with your team in order to produce engaging ads across all social channels, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Reddit, and Quora. We support with everything from ad creation to conversion tracking, creating audiences large enough for statistically relevant data insights and meaningful optimisations, and granular enough to deliver the most relevant messaging.

We can deliver an effective programmatic strategy throughout the entire marketing funnel: from high-impact video ads reaching a wide audience to personalised retargeting ads driving conversions. We maintain a robust system to ensure that ads are only serving in appropriate placements and ensure you own your data with full transparency of costs.

We help clients develop technically sound websites, content that speaks to their audience, and robust brand signals with our science-driven consultative approach to SEO. Together, we’ll formulate a plan to achieve your goals, and discover exactly which SEO changes to your website result in an uplift to your organic traffic.

Conversion rate optimisation is a proven framework that gets to the bottom of why some users convert and more importantly, why others don’t. There is no one-size-fits-all approach; our strategy is devised in careful consultation with you to ensure we are always optimising towards your key metrics, with a focus on collecting granular data to gain a holistic understanding of the user journey.


Data Science

By analysing performance and uncovering relationships in order to leverage insights, attribution enables you to understand the reasons behind past performance. We can help you find the right attribution solution, and understand the impact of technological and regulatory changes on the increasingly complex attribution landscape. We use a number of attribution models in our analysis and bid management to calculate rather than guess what is bringing the most value for our clients. 

Through advanced analysis, we can estimate future impact to predict future events. With predictive modelling, we can improve forecasts, understand the impact of moving budget between channels, and quantify the effect of external factors. We can help you investigate relationships found in your data and activate insights by feeding them back into your marketing to boost performance. This way, we can work on projects such as optimising towards more sophisticated KPIs like margin, and implementing strategies based on lifetime value.

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