The Brainlabs Mission

Our mission is to create the best company to work for in the whole wide world.

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The Brainlabs Story

We started out as a few kids in an attic and we’re now one of the fastest growing digital agencies in the UK and the US. If you haven’t bothered reading the rest of the site, we run online advertising campaigns and build technology to help them run more efficiently. We’re very good at it — some say we’re the best! Could we be better with you on board?

Life At Brainlabs

We’re a rather unconventional company. For the full low-down check out the Brainlabs Handbook for the story behind everything from programming to the dishwasher. If you’re pressed for time, here’s the gist:

  • Be fair and transparent
  • Have fun, have lunch, and do yoga
  • You are the culture
  • Don't be a meanie
  • Friends make better teams
  • Get smart things done

We have a load of perks to keep things fun but here are some of the things that make us a great place to work:

  • We’ll give you autonomy and genuine responsibility
  • We’ll push you out of your comfort zone
  • We’ll encourage you to learn every day
  • You’ll be working with some of the smartest people on the planet
  • You’ll have a load of fun!

And now for the fun stuff:

  • Free breakfast and lunches
  • On-site yoga and exercise groups
  • Flexible working and unlimited holidays
  • An open library — order any book you like


Pictures from the Labs

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Jobs up for grabs

How To Apply

We list most of our open positions below but we're always hiring superstars, so if you don’t see any positions that appeal but you think you’d fit in well then please say hi to If you make it to the interview process then expect it to be a lot like working life at Brainlabs — mentally brainteasing but fun. Wear whatever you like!

N.B. Soz to be a downer but no recruiters, no remote workers, no visa sponsorships - and no exceptions!

Graduate Scheme

We're looking for the most talented and brightest graduates to join us on our path to world domination. Ok, ok, one step at a time. But seriously, we're looking for motivated, hard-working, proactive individuals with an outstanding academic record and some prior work experience to boot to join us in 2017 for our world-class graduate scheme.

ICYMI: No recruiters, no remote workers, no visa sponsorships - and no exceptions!