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Jump on board with Brainlabs! Start your journey with The Brainlabs Academy, where innovation meets adventure, and community meets excellence.

This first-of-its-kind program has been expertly crafted to help you build the skills you need to set sail and begin to navigate your future career in a forward facing digital marketing agency.

At Brainlabs, we love to innovate (excuse the buzzword!) meaning that we don’t just think outside the box; we design a whole new one. And that’s precisely why we’ve created The Academy.

So what is unique about the academy? Three things come to mind, and they coincidently start with an L: The Location, the Learning and the Life-changing careers we build. Don’t you just Love that!?

“The Academy isn’t just a job opportunity; it’s an unparalleled launchpad for your global digital marketing career with Brainlabs. This program is crafted to equip you with cutting-edge industry expertise and invest in your continuous learning, catapulting you towards a thriving future, whilst ensuring you’re experiencing new cultures and adventure along the way”

Claire Lawrence, Global Chief People Officer, Brainlabs

Let’s kick off with the Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina. It’s the epitome of Brainlabs in city form, buzzy, vibrant and authentically fabulous. You’ll be based out there throughout the programme and beyond, providing you with a unique chance to immerse yourself in a new culture, surrounded by a community of fellow Brainlabs adventurers who will become lifelong friends. Yes, it’s different but so are we, and so are you (we hope!).

Next, Learning. We’re intentionally using the word learning rather than training. The traditional training style is not only a bit dull, but also is not an effective way of building strong foundations for a successful career. Our programme blends periods of dedicated learning with in-work, in-team applied learning, peer-to-peer learning and mentoring support. You’ll start with the basics, understanding what it means to be a Brainlabber and how to live our unique Culture Code, how we are different in what we offer our clients. Then you’ll focus on the digital marketing ecosystem, all of our media channels and how they enhance performance for our clients. Finally, you’ll specialise into a deep area of expertise where you can really flex your new found skills. And of course, all combined with honing world class client leadership skills because Brainlabs is all about winning with our clients.

And finally, the fruits of your hard work, a Life-changing career. The Academy is there to build strong career foundations and give you the momentum and inspiration you need to begin your voyage. But that’s just the start! Your learning journey will continue with Brainlabs as you find yourself in a world of opportunity, available to design your own career path. From exploring the world beyond Argentina through our Horizons_30 programme, to accelerating your career with our mentoring, sponsorship and Brainiacs programmes.

The practical bit

As our Academy is in Argentina,  we will support you in getting a visa, travelling to and your accommodation in the wonderful Buenos Aires. So you don’t need to worry about logistics, we’ll sort that for you! 

Additionally you’ll be well looked after by a team of experienced Brainlabbers who will be on hand to support and guide you not only during the selection process but in getting to Argentina and during the programme. The thing about Brainlabbers is that we love helping and supporting each other  – it’s part of our We are One Global Team Code. Our regional LATAM CEO and dedicated Academy leader will be on hand to help when you arrive in Argentina, and our global and Americas people team, will be with you every step of the way (along with healthcare coverage), so that you are able to focus on your learning, career development, making friends and having a great time!

Who are we looking for?

Whilst we’ve intentionally referred to this programme as ‘entry level’ – we don’t mind if you’ve just finished your studies or someone looking for a career change. Whatever your path to this point, all we ask is that applicants are engaged, collaborative, hungry to learn and committed to a future in digital marketing and data. We’re an analytical bunch, so are looking for number lovers and people who are able to use data to solve problems. If you have those foundations, we’ll teach you how to turn them into a story!

We understand that this is a big opportunity that comes with a lot of excitement and undoubtedly a lot of questions, which is why we’ve designed a selection process that is two-way giving you the opportunity to find out more and ensure it’s the right fit for you.

At present, we can take applications from UK, US or Canada residents.

We know that creativity, problem solving and innovation comes from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. What’s important is that you share our Brainlabs values set out in our Culture Code.

1) Let us know you’re interested

First up, just let us know you’re keen on learning more about The Academy program

2) Chat with a career expert

Where we get to know each other in a one to one career session with our career advisers. We’ll have a few short tests to discover your ideal career journey

3) Experience the job

This is an in person day. It is all about simulating Brainlabs agency life and experiencing what it’s like to work as a team winning for a client and understanding your potential to be a brilliant Brainlabber.

4) Start your adventure

After a final round of culture-focussed interviews, and by the end of June, we’ll let you know if you’ve secured a spot, and that’s when your epic adventure springs to life!

Want to be part of The Academy's next intake?