Our commitment to a greener planet

Our business may be digital, but we want our positive impact on the world to be tangible.

We’re passionate about leaving the world a better place than we found it and champion sustainable initiatives both in and out of our offices.

Every year, we assess our environmental impact and ensure we maintain our carbon-neutral status by supporting reforestation initiatives, divesting from fossil fuels, and choosing suppliers and methods of procurement with lower carbon footprints.

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Sustainability in our offices

We are committed to meeting a high environmental standard in all our offices by:

  • Minimizing our energy and water usage
  • Using sustainable cleaning products, office equipment, furnishings, and decoration
  • Lowering our waste and resource consumption
  • Providing comprehensive recycling facilities
  • Reducing our use of plastic and non-recyclable materials

The Brainlabs Forest

We’ve partnered with Treedom to offset our carbon footprint by planting one tree for every Brainlabber, totalling in 400+ trees planted across forests in Kenya, Tanzania, Colombia, Ecuador, and Haiti. 

Our forest will protect biodiversity, provide income opportunities for local farmers, and absorb enough CO₂ from the atmosphere within ten years to fill up 471 trucks!

Take a tour of our forest: