About Us

So you want to know about us?! How flattering. Let's start from the beginning.

Picture the scene: it was 2012, about five years since AdWords had gone mainstream and 12 years since the invention of real-time auction-based media buying.*

In the old days, to successfully execute traditional media, advertisers needed smart strategies, great relationships with media owners, and buying power. With the arrival of biddable, the whole media buying game changed. Suddenly there were trillions of data points accessible on any given day.

In addition to smart strategies we needed a solid understanding of data and automation to deal with the expanding complexity. Buying power was irrelevant in a world where everyone had access to bid for the same inventory. Buying power had to make way for brain power.

That’s when Brainlabs was born. We were on a mission to make marketing more scientific. We started with the hypothesis that instead of teaching traditional marketers how to do regression analysis or coding, it would be better to hire mathematicians, scientists, programmers and teach them how to do this new kind of marketing.

We proved (and continue to prove) this hypothesis through remarkable results for our clients. There is no secret sauce behind these results: it’s a blend of hard work, good communication, and using data to optimize performance and inform strategy. Automation lets you do this faster and at scale. And the right people find new and better ways of doing all the above.

Off the back of our incredible results, we won bundles of awards (and not just ones we made up ourselves!)

This led to more clients which led to even better results and even more growth.

We’ve gone from one to 200 people in six years, placing us 1st in the Deloitte Tech Track and 4th in the FT1000: a list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies compiled by the Financial Times.

And we’ve been having a heck of a lot of fun on the journey so far. We’ve been to Paris and Berlin to win European Search Awards, pedalo-ed around Center Parcs, learned a company Haka, and placed 5th in Sunday Times Best Places to Work 2018. We’ve wrestled huge accounts from global networks and continued on a Y-o-Y 50%+ growth trajectory across our US and UK offices.

The thing is, we’re only just getting started. Within five years all media will be programmatic and our unique skills will be even more valuable. We have a business model built to support clients in any way they want: as an agency, a tech provider, and/or a consultancy. We call this our ‘do the stuff clients can’t do better themselves’ approach. It seems to be quite popular.

Add to that further global expansion plans and you can see why we’re so excited for the future. So whoever you might be, thanks for reading all about Brainlabs and please join us on this journey by getting in touch: