Shortlisted for four US Search Awards!

With Brainlabs, the fun never stops! And neither does our win streak, apparently.

We’ve been shortlisted for no fewer than FOUR categories at the US Search Awards: Best PPC Campaign, Best Software Innovation, Best Search Software Tool, and Best Large PPC Agency.

We do love to innovate, build tech and do PPC, so no surprises there. 😁😁😁


Brainlabs shortlisted for five awards at the UK Agency Awards 2019!

KA-POW! Can we say five birds with one stone? Yes please!

We’ve been shortlisted for the following five awards at the UK Agency Awards 2019:

Best Agency Culture
Biddable Media Agency of the Year
Search Agency of the Year
Innovative Agency of the Year
Most Impressive Large Agency Growth

When you dream, you’ve got to dream big!


Brainlabs and Simply Business Win YouTube Works Award

Huzza! Our work with Simply Business has won the Best Use of YouTube for Performance Marketing award at YouTube Works 2019. Watch the video below to hear more about our geographic targeting strategy and spectacular results: […]

Personalisation in an era of data privacy

Dear PPC Chat Fans,

We’re back for another round of industry discussion! Last time we gathered at Brainlabs HQ to discuss the transition to in-house models and the ensuing shift in the structure of the agency landscape. This month we’ll be exploring how personalisation is becoming increasingly fraught in a post-GDPR, anti-tracking world.

In 2016, a SalesForce survey found that 57% of […]

Brainlabs at Performance Marketing 360: “It’s time to reunite creative and media”

Campaign launched its first ever Performance Marketing 360 conference this month. And they invited none other than our founder and CEO Daniel Gilbert to deliver a talk.
The event places a special emphasis on the importance of data, automation and personalisation within advertising. In other words, all the things that we at Brainlabs pride ourselves most on.

Daniel’s talk looked at the […]

Brainlabs CEO Daniel Gilbert named in the BIMA 100

As if he hasn’t won enough awards.

Daniel Gilbert has done it again, this time being named in the highly prestigious BIMA 100 of 2019. Along with 16 other chief execs, Daniel picked up a BIMA 100 award in the CEOs and Leaders section.

The BIMA 100 celebrates people that have made a difference to the industry as a whole. So it […]

Brainlabs listed in The Times Top 50 Employers for Women 2019

We are immensely excited to announce that we have been included in The Times Top 50 Employers for Women 2019. To be recognised as a business of our size and age leading the way in gender equality amongst a roster of high-profile companies operating at a much larger scale is an incredible honour.

As a performance marketing agency powered by technology, […]

The Anatomy of In-housing


The recent wave of in-housing is the inevitable consequence of an outdated media trading business model. Why shouldn’t advertisers expect transparency, control, and mutual trust?

With the rise of digital, the advertising industry has changed overnight. The role of agencies has changed. And in the realm of biddable media, it’s a very simple formula:

A flexible service offering + agencies doing […]

PPC Chat Live: How in-housing is transforming the digital landscape

Dear PPC Chat Live Fans!

We’re back for another round of industry discussion! Last month we kicked off the new year with a celebration of women in the tech sector. This month we’ll be discussing the industry’s momentum that seeks to ‘Make Brands Great Again’ – and whether everyone should be on board.

Recent studies show that the trend of brands looking […]

How to Fight Online Ad Fraud in 6 Steps

One of the most common misconceptions about programmatic is that it’s unsafe.

Sure, there have been some notorious cases of ad misplacement over the past few years. And it can be pretty embarrassing (or worse) when it happens.

Machines are doing most of the buying and running of digital ads, which is is amazing. But sometimes extra safeguards and human oversight are […]