What does Twitter/X need from a Head of Brand Safety? Brainlabs’ Kani Dang and Jon Molina share their expert opinion with Digiday

What does Twitter/X need from a Head of Brand Safety?  

X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, is looking for a new Head of Brand Safety, according to an email shared with employees. This comes at a crucial time for the platform, which has struggled to win back advertisers since Elon Musk’s takeover in October.

Brainlabs’ Kani Dang and Jon Molina spoke with Digiday’s Krystal Scanlon about it.  

“Knowing that the decision to hire is ultimately decided by Elon, it’s to be seen what he is willing to defer in terms of control to restore confidence in X,” said Jon Molina, VP of Paid Social at Brainlabs.

Molina said, “at this stage it’s hard to say if the hiring of a head of brand safety alone is going to bring any material change in terms of restoring discourse on the platform to some semblance of civility”.

According to Kani Dang, Director, Paid Social at Brainlabs, the new head of brand safety needs to have a backbone. “[They need to be] someone who is able to push back on Elon Musk’s initiatives and keep moving forward with their crucial clean-up tasks.”

Dang further pointed out, advertisers seriously need transparency and clarity on how this new role will tackle the lack of safeguard evident on the platform in the last several months. “I currently cannot advise our clients to advertise on X/Twitter as we are unsure if and when our ads will show up next to NSFW content or extremely political content,” Dang said. “Until advertisers and agencies have a clear view into how content is regulated, it proves challenging to trust in brand safety on X/ Twitter.”

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