Travis Tallent speaks to Adweek about Google’s new AI-powered search engine

Launching this year, the tech giant’s artificial-intelligence-powered search engine – Search Generative Experience – is Google’s biggest change in Search in 20 years and presents a massive opportunity for prepared marketers to gain a competitive advantage. 

Chatting to Adweek’s Trishla Ostwal, our VP of SEO, NAMER Travis Tallent spoke about our early testing of the new AI-powered search engine for clients.

Plus, he discussed the growing importance of diversifying your search spend across the likes of TikTok, YouTube and Reddit, giving SEO a seat at the omnichannel table.

Brainlabs’ SEO team works closely with our Influencer team to understand TikTok search trends and ultimately reach a wider audience.

“Channels used to be separated and teams didn’t even communicate,” said Tallent. “Now we’re all getting on one call to make broader marketing business decisions to reach the audience, no matter what platform they’re on.”

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