Five Questions for Liz: Finance Hero

1. Describe your typical day?
I always start my day of with a latte and a slice of Vegemite (Marmite’s superior cousin) toast or an egg on toast. I then check my emails and get started on a number of tasks – my job is never the same, one moment I’ll be doing invoicing and the next I could be ordering books for our library or processing payments. I love to chat so I always have people stopping by my desk to discuss anything and everything throughout the day.

2. What’s your top finance tips?
Cash flow is King!
Always prepare for what could happen even if it is very unlikely (the good and the bad). Try to be as organised as you can – It’s a lot easier to solve an issue if you know exactly where to find the information.

3. Why did you leave Australia for the cold drizzle of London?
To get out of the Perth bubble – we may be a capital city but we are the most isolated one in the world. I love my home but having Europe on my doorstep is a dream come true. If I travelled for 2 hours out of Perth I definitely wouldn’t end up in Paris! Also getting to work in London gives me invaluable experience that I wouldn’t be able to get back home. I am so grateful to be here.

4. What’s the best thing you have ever ordered for Brainlabs?
Definitely all the Christmas presents – last year I got to order with a colleague different presents for everyone for Christmas. It was so much fun picking things that suited each person individually and watching them open it after many days of everyone looking at them under the tree.

5. How would you sum up Brainlabs in one sentence?
Never expect the ordinary!

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