SEOpinions Q2 2023 | CRO & SEO, AI Chatbots in Search, & GA4

Our VP of SEO, Travis Tallent is back with his latest edition of SEOpinions, giving you all the latest Search insights to cut through the noise. 

Here’s what you can expect in the full edition:

Get ahead of Google’s next update: Combine CRO & SEO to win BIG

It’s likely no surprise to you, as a customer, that user experience matters—in-store and on-site. As a marketer, you may be surprised to know that SEO and CRO often work in silos, operating as if the other isn’t a priority or shouldn’t be considered. 

With the latest algorithm core update from Google, now is the time to ensure that SEO and CRO are working in tandem to create an exceptional user experience. 

After all, CRO & SEO are a match made in heaven.

Should AI in Search change your SEO Strategy?

The truth is, no one knows how AI chatbots will impact your brand’s SEO strategy, because we’re still in the chaos phase of this new technology.

What we do know is a strong SEO plan remains a critical part of your overall strategy. Embrace the chaos, keep your ear to the ground, and you’ll be just fine. 

Remember, change doesn’t have to be scary.

The Wonder of Google Analytics 4 is Around the Corner

Are you still using Universal Analytics (UA) over GA4? You’ll be happy to know that with GA4’s new features, it’s just as good as UA (if not better)! 

Whilst many SEOs and content marketers are sceptical of making the switch to pastures new – hopefully the latest features will inspire you to dip your toes into the GA4 water. 

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