Benevolent Baking at Brainlabs

Benevolent Baking at Brainlabs

At Brainlabs we love both cake and charity — so we were thrilled when the recent Macmillan Coffee Morning gave us the opportunity to combine the two by baking, and then eating, lots of wonderful cake, all while raising money for a fantastic cause.


Resident baking expert Zach led a crack team of intrepid sugar elves, with a kitchen management style akin to Gordon Ramsey (if Gordon Ramsey were known for enthusiasm and encouragement rather than ego and expletives).

A range of cakes were on offer, from childhood classics, such as chocolate cornflake cakes, to more advanced treats, such as Victoria sponge and strawberry cheesecakes. We made sure that all our Brainboxes got a slice of the action, rustling up some gluten-free options on top of the myriad other offerings.

With a captive and sugar-loving audience our in-house sale raised almost £150. And finally — for the icing on the cake (sorry, not sorry) — the total raised will be matched by Brainlabs, meaning a grand total of almost £300, all for a fantastic cause.

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