The Brainlabs Summer Fete

The Brainlabs Summer Fete

The inaugural Brainlabs Summer Fete was an event for the Brainlabs history books. From uncertain and tempestuous beginnings, quite literally in the form of a massive cloudburst, was born an unforgettable and, importantly, sun-blessed party. Clients, Brainboxes, and friends enjoyed a plethora of activities including a bouncy castle, sumo suits, musical and magical entertainment, all alongside some fairly questionable facepaint. At least now when we say Brainlabs has been a roaring success, we’ll have a picture of our Founder, Dan Gilbert as a lion to prove it.

Meanwhile, Helen, our incredible chef, laid out a BBQ banquet taking us to new levels of foodie heaven. And finally on top of everything was some class entertainment, featuring an incredible lineup of performers, including magician Paavan, and some incredible musicians such as Josh Savage, Milly Upton and Holly Redford Jones. Obviously we also had back up from Brainlabs own wannabe DJs, culminating in an end of fete dance party.

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