Julia Amorim, Head of Creative Speaks to Adweek about AI in the Creative Process

The recent surge in generative AI applications in advertising has been met with a mixture of excitement and caution. As agencies grapple with a multitude of pitches from both established tech giants and new entrants, they’re uncovering areas where these tools shine and where they fall short.

While the promise of automating various marketing tasks is enticing, concerns around the unfinished nature of some tools, and the potential for homogenized creativity, persist. 

Our Global SVP Creative, Julia Amorim emphasizes the importance of embracing generative AI as a complement to the creative process: “Generative AI will be a big part of our process to speed up the briefing and script development. It’s essential that our creative directors are well versed in that scale, and it becomes part of their overall toolkit.”

However, as agencies navigate this rapidly evolving landscape, the balance between machine efficiency and human creativity remains pivotal.
You can read more about what Julia has to say in this Adweek article: https://www.adweek.com/agencies/gen-ai-skeptics-ad-agencies-weary-of-half-baked-ai-tools/