Chris Davis, Head of Growth speaks to Campaign about de-influencing

De-influencing represents a sleeping giant our industry needed to wake

“A rebellion”. “The birth of the anti-ad”.”The death knell for influencers”. Just a few contentious terms you’ll find if you Google “what is de-influencing?”.

After more digging online or a quick scroll on TikTok (#deinfluencing has more than 200 million views), you might surmise it as “a viral trend taking over social media, one influencer-fuelled negative product review at a time”.

But if you do, and you’re a brand marketer, you might be overlooking one of the most symbolic marketing macro shifts in recent history. It comes with challenges, but also enormous opportunities and learnings we cannot afford to ignore.

Chris Davis, Head of Growth at our Influencer arm Fanbytes by Brainlabs shared his thoughts on the matter in Campaign Magazine, explaining why de-influencing is an opportunity brand marketers can win big on.

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