PPC Chat Live

PPC Chat is, in our humble opinion, the best marketing event on the planet. Every month, we invite top marketers, CEOs, agency leaders, and usually one or two Googlers to share their insights about important industry themes. There’s also free pizza. What more can you ask for? Sign up for the next PPC Chat below, or scroll down to see some of our previous events!

Back to School: Best in Digital

On Thursday the 19th of September we are showcasing some of the best and brightest to share their digital marketing expertise. They will provide first-hand insights on paid search, social and programmatic as well as analytics and CRO. So get your notebook ready and scribble down the secrets to our success.
PPC Chat Live brings together the brightest and best in […]

Personalisation in an era of data privacy

Dear PPC Chat Fans,

We’re back for another round of industry discussion! Last time we gathered at Brainlabs HQ to discuss the transition to in-house models and the ensuing shift in the structure of the agency landscape. This month we’ll be exploring how personalisation is becoming increasingly fraught in a post-GDPR, anti-tracking world.

In 2016, a SalesForce survey found that 57% of […]

PPC Chat Live: How in-housing is transforming the digital landscape

Dear PPC Chat Live Fans!

We’re back for another round of industry discussion! Last month we kicked off the new year with a celebration of women in the tech sector. This month we’ll be discussing the industry’s momentum that seeks to ‘Make Brands Great Again’ – and whether everyone should be on board.

Recent studies show that the trend of brands looking […]

The Importance of Personalisation in Digital Marketing

Last month we came together to discuss the importance of personalisation for paid media advertising. Our fantastic speakers included Oliver Marlow Thomas, Founder & CEO of Ad Lib. John Sills, Managing Director at The Foundation, and John Dirk Morrison, Growth Marketer at Thread. Check out some of the highlights!


Back to School: Dealing with the Digital Skills Gap

Kick-starting a new season of PPC Chat Live, our September edition took us back to school, with three fantastic speakers discussing how to deal with the digital skills gap. Harry Davies, Head of Marketing Measurement and Attribution at Google, had some troubling statistics to share. Have a listen: