Brainlabs speaks to The Media Leader ahead of the launch of Threads

Instagram’s Twitter rival, Threads, launched July 5th 2023 after several months of development. Brainlabs’ UK Social Product Partner, Costas Tsiappourdhi, spoke to The Media Leader about it, outlining the new social media platform’s ability to “be a great space for driving engagement for brands”.

The timing for Thread’s launch is described as “perfect” for Meta. Many Twitter users are seeking a new platform as a result of the alleged quality and content decrease – namely the newly restricted viewing access to posts per day with the addition of a paywall to view more. The ability to “seamlessly integrate” your Instagram following into Threads creates further ease for viewers, whilst simultaneously giving companies and brands increased opportunity for growth as a result of this automatic publicity.

Brainlabs’ Costas Tsiappourdhi urges the need to “closely watch” how this networking service grows, and whilst indicating the unknowns concerning the lack of advertising that is yet to be released on Threads, he importantly identifies Meta’s “99% brand safety record”, as this app has a large amount of access to user information such as purchase history, financial information and location which Meta has not immediately responded to when faced with privacy concerns.

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