The Team

We are a team of marketers, scientists, and mathematicians — all experts in our fields and totally dedicated to paid media advertising. On the last count we were 250 Brainlabbers and had degrees in everything from statistical marketing to computational linguistics.

Management Team

Jim Brigden

Exec Chair

As Executive Chair, Jim manages relationships with key clients and partners to ensure work is being delivered to remarkable standards. During the past 20 years, Jim has successfully built and exited a number of high profile digital marketing agencies and technology businesses. He is passionate about building businesses, digital marketing, golf, football, tennis, dogs, and his family.

Daniel Gilbert


Sophie Newton


Sophie is the COO of Brainlabs, overseeing all biddable media and tech departments. She has picked up numerous awards including BIMA 100, Everywoman Tech Inspiration, Women of Tomorrow, and Biddable Media Professional of the Year. She has a starred first degree in maths from Oxford and is a relative of Albert Einstein.

Daniel Bottiglieri


Daniel heads up Brainlabs US. Having helped to grow Brainlabs UK during the past five years, he is now leading the US team to similarly epic growth in America. He has a masters from Oxford University, supports Arsenal FC, and believes that beans on toast for breakfast is a noble protest against the avocado.

Liam Milner

Client Partnership Director

As Client Partnership Director, Liam is responsible for contracts and commercials. Liam has a master's from Oxford in history and politics, and is a keen footballer (both as player and supporter). He has been at Brainlabs almost since it began in 2012.

Visar Shabi


As Chief Technology Officer, Visar's mission is to create the most technically advanced marketing agency in the world. With a degree in physics from Oxford, Visar oversees all of Brainlabs' technology teams. His other mission is to read 50 books this year, and is currently well on track.

Millie Ismail


Millie is Chief Customer Officer at Brainlabs, planning and delivering the Brainlabs Effect to new partners. Millie has spoken at industry events such as InOrbit and DigitalZone, and has a BA from Oxford and master's from SOAS. Before joining Brainlabs, Millie worked for an elephant conservation charity and organised a 500km race across central India.

Leo Jennings


Leo is Chief Customer Officer at Brainlabs, planning and delivering the Brainlabs effect to new partners. With a BA and masters' from Oxford, Leo has spoken at Search Love Boston, and Google, and delivered projects for clients such as Expedia, F1, and WorldPay. If she hadn't joined Brainlabs, Leo would probably have been an opera singer instead.

Grace Kaye


As Chief Strategy Officer, Grace leads the strategic direction for all clients. With a degree from UCL, Grace runs workshops, speaks at marketing conferences such as SASCon and SMXEast, and writes a monthly column for Marketing Land.

Jamie Macnab

Head of Analytics

Jamie leads the Analytics team, helping clients to measure marketing and website performance, and attribute conversions across channels, primarily using Google Analytics and GA 360. Jamie has a degree in physics from Cambridge and, standing at 6' 7'', is often mistaken for a small tree.

Clementine Haxby

Strategy Manager

As a Strategy Director, Clementine audits, advises, and pitches to prospective clients. With a degree in art history from Oxford, Clementine is also in charge of event management and oversees relationships with Brainlabs' partners. Clementine is a keen lacrosse player, and currently studying for an advanced diploma in Nutrition.

Sophie Newton

Strategy Manager

Sophie is responsible for developing Brainlabs' tech-driven audit strategy to provide prospective clients with the most accurate and insightful proposals. Sophie has a masters in chemistry from Oxford, and once swam with sharks in the Great Barrier Reef.

The Team