Brainlabs gains bonus SEO brainpower with the addition of Distilled

We’re over the moon to announce that Distilled, the expert SEO agency, will be merging into Brainlabs. Our clients have been asking for SEO services from us for many years, and we’re delighted to finally be able to meet their demands.

This is our first step towards realizing our vision of the agency model of the future: no silos, no departments, just brilliant teams centered around clients – to deliver a best-in-class service.

Distilled is renowned for its consultative approach and unparalleled expertise in technical SEO. The agency is made up of industry leaders who speak at conferences around the globe, from Brighton SEO to MozCon, and contribute to various industry blogs. Distilled has also established its own prominent international conference, SearchLove (which will continue running in San Diego, New York, and London). Distilled’s Optimisation Delivery Network (ODN) SEO A/B testing product is set to run independently as ‘SearchPilot’.

Brainlabs CEO Daniel Gilbert said: “I love Distilled and can’t wait to work with them. I’ve admired Will and his team for many years and genuinely believe that together we can deliver a more complete service for both our clients and help drive both businesses to another level.”

Will Critchlow, CEO of Distilled: “I’ve admired Brainlabs ever since getting to know Daniel when he spoke at SearchLove years ago. Brainlabs is the perfect partner to help us grow into the next stage and continue improving our effectiveness for our clients, and we expect SearchPilot to thrive with standalone focus.”