Paid Search

Millions of metrics, bundles of data, endless possibilities for experimenting — PPC is the ultimate arena of mathematical marketing. It’s not hard to see why we love it so much at Brainlabs.

Quality stuff

At Brainlabs we understand the holy grail of quality score. While working at Google, some of our Brainlabbers even built two features that feed into the Google Ads backend. We’ve also spent years building and optimizing millions of PPC campaigns and learning from every campaign to improve our Brainlabs Methodology.

Brainlabs Methodology

The Brainlabs Methodology is a proven process which uses data and statistics to scientifically optimize web businesses. It’s a robust set of systems which we’ve tested, tweaked, and improved in order to squeeze out every last bit of value from our clients’ marketing campaigns. We learn from every single campaign and continue to adapt and improve our logic accordingly.

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

Our methodology relies on the key processes of testing, analyzing, and optimizing. Then we repeat them, again and again, and again. It works every time because we never stop, even if unsuccessful at first.

Our Secret Sauce

Clients often ask us for the secret sauce behind our methodology but the truth is there are no secrets. We basically follow many of the same best practices that are available to everyone else. We’re not aware of any hidden buttons, secret tricks, or “exciting new revolutionary bid-management systems”. Our methodology is underpinned by hard work. It calls for intelligent strategy, rigorous testing, constant optimizing, and a fine balance between technological and human input.

At Brainlabs, one of our main aims is to be more than an outsourced agency — we aim to be an extension of our clients’ businesses. This means we need to understand the challenges of our clients, whether it’s the time their call centres are open or the areas in which they need to outsell their competitors. Consequently, we like to spend a few days on an “immersion program” at our clients’ offices where we learn everything we can about the business. It works for us, and it works for our clients.

A top-performing digital campaign requires a structured plan for success. At Brainlabs we look beyond CTRs and CPCs to understand the metrics that matter most for your business. Part of a good plan will factor in the following ingredients as a minimum:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your business
  • Seasonality
  • Economic conditions
  • Cash flow
  • Advertising restrictions
  • Plans for expansion
  • High margin products
  • Previous and present marketing activity

At this stage, we’ll also conduct research on your key competitors to benchmark you against them. We investigate marketing spend, keyword coverage, technological savviness, and brand positioning so that we can calculate what it will take to make you the best.

Choosing relevant and profitable keywords to bid on is a daunting task, especially when you bid on millions of them. At Brainlabs we constantly test out which keywords are working at the same time as searching for new opportunities. Our keyword generation process springs from the campaign planning stage when we investigate which keywords will bring the most profit to your business. For example, we might hypothesize that your travel company would get more value from a keyword like [book family holiday to amazon right now] than the more generic [amazon holidays]. Naturally, we’ll test this hypothesis many times but at this stage intelligent keyword grouping is crucial to reduce costs and allow for future expansion.

140 characters is not a lot of space to show how great you are. Limited space means every word and phrase has to count. Testing and optimization is not optional. Can you guess which of the following two ads is more effective?





OK, we tricked you. The correct answer is that it’s impossible to guess. It might change depending on the search query, the geographic location of the user, the time of day, the position of the ad on the page, and a bundle of other factors. Guessing might be fun, but driving more profit is infinitely more fun. That’s why we methodically test and optimize every element of our ad texts from headline to display URL. And once we’ve finished testing, we test again.

With the hundreds of factors at play, it’s no wonder that most advertisers set up experiments that aren’t really scientific at all.

Our management process for Bing Ads is simple: we automate it. Everything we do in Google Ads is updated in Bing Ads with a smart piece of tech that we built after getting bored of repeating the same work on two different search engines.

Depending on who you talk to, Bing Ads now accounts for anything from 10% to 22% of search traffic. Either way, it’s a significant chunk that can’t be ignored when taking over the world.

Every successful data-driven marketing campaign needs some level of automatic bidding in order to run at scale. But too many companies jump straight into a third-party bid management solution, thinking it will solve all their data woes. Unfortunately it’s not that easy. Bid management technologies need a good structure to begin with and need to be managed with intelligent analysis and data handling.

We’re comfortable using DoubleClick, Kenshoo, or Marin. And if none of those will do the job, we’ve built entire bid management tools for our clients.

World domination — that’s the plan, and we can help you achieve it (and show off our language skills along the way).

From Bangalore to Bangkok, your customers are waiting. International PPC is the quickest and lowest risk method of testing new markets. Don’t let the language barrier curb your global ambitions.

The internet is global and so are we. International expansion is becoming increasingly crucial for business, and while we’re plotting our own world domination, we’re well placed to help you make money in new markets. We have managed campaigns in all European languages as well as Afrikaans and Hindustani.

Here’s how we secure the results you want: We sit one of our Brainboxes down with a native speaker of the target foreign language. This practice allows us to combine supreme expertise in PPC with perfect fluency in the target language as well as expert local knowledge. There’s plenty of badly reworded foreign text online, but you won’t find any in our campaigns. We’ve tried translating campaigns before and the data was conclusive: PPC ads and keywords can’t just be translated from one language to another — they need to be built from scratch.

Simply passing ads and keywords through a translator will result in problems for your campaigns. When creating a keyword list in English, relevant colloquialisms and idiosyncrasies are included to make it as relevant as possible. Simply translating it directly will mean that certain keywords won’t make sense in the foreign language, and relevant foreign slang terms will not be accommodated. To make PPC campaigns as effective as possible, the process of creating ads in a new language must be as thorough as possible. It takes more time this way, but the results are certainly worth the effort.

With linguistic accuracy assured, we can get down to business with our Brainbox Methodology, ensuring the very best results for your business, no matter which countries you’re targeting. If you’re thinking of running international PPC campaigns, get in touch to see if we cover all your languages.

Our AMS methodology mirrors our approach to every channel we service and is fundamentally underpinned by the basics of marketing — showing the right ad to the right person, at the right time, in the right place. We adopt a granular approach to ad creation, bidding, targeting, and testing to ensure that our campaigns are as relevant and optimized as they can be, continuing to deliver over time.