Paid Search

When it comes to bringing high-intent users to your site, nothing can top paid search advertising. As an advertising channel to help grow your business, it’s a no-brainer.

Alongside the myriad of opportunities for optimisation within paid search, digital channels also provide the perfect testing ground to understand more about your customers and your wider business. Knowing what messaging resonates with each audience allows you to inform decisions not only in any other online channels, but also in your wider ATL approach.

But why should you choose to work with us? In order to demonstrate the kind of results we’ve achieved for our clients, we analysed data across our entire Google Ads portfolio and all time. We call the findings ‘The Brainlabs Effect’ – increase in conversions and decrease in CPA across the board.

Paid Search
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What our Paid Search Team can do for you:

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Our Paid Search Solution

(1) Restructure
We start by finding out your business objectives and analysing your account history. We then restructure your accounts so they are comprehensive, malleable and automation-friendly. A good account structure is indispensable when it comes to growing paid search. And we always test it versus your old one so you can clearly observe the improvement clearly.

(2) Automate
Automation allows us to manage big, comprehensive accounts with ease. We use our own proprietary tech to ensure anomalies are caught on time, information is shared across accounts, reports are always up-to-date, tests are run fairly, etc. The list is long but it all has one purpose: more time strategising, so more growth for you.

(3) Test
This is where the fun starts. We test all parts of our account, continuously – keyword mix, bid strategies, ad copy, audience structure, creatives – you name it, we’ve tested it. All results are clearly laid out an an automated dashboard and checked for statistical significance. Results are disseminated across the agency – so you benefit from all the great clients we work with!

(4) Learn
We implement the successes, analyse the failures, and start again. And again. We never stop. You won’t find an account of ours that isn’t running a test. Moreover, due to our close links with agency partners, new features are often tested and rolled across accounts even before they’ve become widely available. So you know you’re always one step ahead.


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“It is really refreshing for an agency to be so driven and passionate about making campaigns work and pushing projects forward”

– Checkatrade, 2021

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Paid Search Results

Our brainlabbers have helped hundreds of clients with Paid Search across the world.

Increased Monthly Conversions 3x

Increased Conversions 143%

99% More Form Submissions

Increased Info Requests by 46%

Saved €15,000 Per Month

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