Icelandair see 10x ROI improvement with Brainlabs’ AI partnership

We’re so pleased to share that our client, Icelandair, has achieved a 70% decrease in cost per flight booking over the past year, representing a tenfold improvement in ROI from its digital advertising. 

Brainlabs, in partnership with ad tech platform Scibids, worked with the airline on its programmatic ad campaigns, focusing on maximising online flight bookings at the lowest possible cost. 

Driving Unprecedented Efficiency

“Icelandair drives 10x ROI improvement and 70% reduction in cost per booking in digital media with Brainlabs and Scibids AI,” announced Jóhann Benediktsson, Digital Marketing Manager at Icelandair. “The results were incredibly fruitful for Icelandair, with Brainlabs and Scibids AI securing a 70% decrease in cost per flight booking over the past year. This level of efficiency represents a 10x ROI for the brand compared to the benchmark price of applying artificial intelligence ourselves. We’re proud to work with tech-forward partners like Brainlabs and Scibids.”

Empowering Digital Transformation

Brainlabs’ collaboration with Scibids AI commenced with a comprehensive test spanning 11 markets. The objective was to evaluate the impact of AI on Icelandair’s digital ad efficiency. This initial test proved to be a resounding success, leading to the widespread application of Scibids technology across all programmatic spend.

One of the key tools in this transformation was Scibids’ Custom Bidding product in Google Display & Video 360, which was seamlessly integrated into Icelandair’s DSP seat. Custom Bidding empowers advertisers and agencies to tailor the bidding algorithm to align more closely with desired business outcomes, providing precise control over ad decisioning and price valuation of each impression opportunity.

Maximizing Conversion Probability

The primary goal of this partnership was to identify the combinations of media signals that maximize the probability of conversions, ultimately driving online flight bookings. Scibids AI continuously updated custom bidding models to ensure a high frequency of optimization, adapting its strategies to new market signals as they emerged.

“Scibids AI’s ability to analyze millions of variables and adapt bidding strategies in real time has provided Icelandair with a competitive edge in the digital advertising landscape,” said Eric Schwartz, MD of North America at Scibids. “We are excited to continue supporting them in achieving their business outcomes.”

A Commitment to Innovation

“We are delighted with the impact the inclusion of Scibids AI technology has had on Icelandair’s campaign performance, where we have secured a 70% decrease in cost per flight booking over the past year,” said Anjlee Majmudar, VP Programmatic, Brainlabs North America. “It’s especially rewarding to work alongside a client like Icelandair who are keen to embrace new programmatic AI-infused technologies to ensure that their brand continues to outperform the competition”

This partnership between Brainlabs, Scibids AI, and Icelandair serves as a testament to the transformative power of artificial intelligence in digital marketing. By leveraging the capabilities of Scibids’ AI technology, Icelandair has not only achieved impressive cost savings but has also significantly improved its return on investment.