Brainlabs’ AI partnership with Icelandair featured in Forbes

Artificial intelligence isn’t ready to replace pilots, but it will simplify flight search, deliver more competitive airfares, and help airlines fly sustainably. Recent advances in the world of machine learning have given us a good sense of what lies ahead for AI in the skies. 

We’re delighted our work for Icelandair in partnership with Scibids has been featured in Forbes discussing how we used AI-enhanced digital marketing to manage the airline’s programmatic ad campaigns. 

Programmatic is typically used for top-of-the-funnel, brand awareness. With our client Icelandair, we took a different approach to deliver on the only KPI that mattered… bookings.

We partnered with Scibids, to create custom bidding models and get dynamic creative in front of the desired audience at the right moment. The result? A 70% decrease in cost per flight booking over the past year, representing a 10x improvement in ROI from its digital advertising!

According to our VP Programmatic, North America, Anjlee Majmudar, the campaign’s successful execution hinged on two key factors:

  1. Developing a comprehensive audience framework before using AI or machine learning to maximize their potential.
  1. Collaborating closely with strategy and planning teams to pinpoint intent signals for identifying Icelandair’s ideal audience.

Jóhann Benediktsson, Digital Marketing Manager at Icelandair, commented saying, “The results were incredibly fruitful.”

You can read the full article in Forbes here: