Our elite tech team is made up of over 40 software engineers.

They’ve developed Cortex – our end-to-end platform with hundreds of features which automate across the marketing lifecycle. Our team also build custom tech solutions to solve specific business challenges. The combined result is a performance edge for our clients over their competitors.

Our tech is compatible with Google, Meta, Amazon & Microsoft advertising platforms and we also license Google Marketing Platform!


What makes us your best partner for tech?

Superhuman competitive advantage. Cortex turns the best human marketing manager into a superhuman marketing manager by facilitating the ability to accurately predict the future, at light-speed and otherwise-impossible scale.

Built by practitioners for practitioners. The features of Cortex have been developed to counter real-life challenges faced by our clients and account managers. It’s the incremental gains of every feature combined that set our clients’ results apart from our competitors. We call it The Brainlabs Effect.

It’s always effective. The inherent agility of our team means quick development time from ideation to product. We’re able to respond to the constantly changing features of media platforms so our technology is always maximally relevant and effective.

Our tech enables testing at scale. Success looks different to each client. Our unique test and learn processes enables clients to predict results and better formulate their advertising strategy. Large scale experiments, driven by Cortex, are conducted across Paid Search, Paid Social, Programmatic, SEO and CRO. This data is analysed and more refined experiments are run, giving our clients optimal ROI.



Our end-to-end technology platform has over 50 features that specialise in automating all aspects of digital marketing and includes a multitude of tools to plan, build, test and protect your advertising.