Google Marketing Platform (GMP)

Brainlabs is Google’s most trusted agency Sales Partner. We are proud to be not only a certified GMP reseller & Google Cloud partner, and a premium sales partner in the UK, US and Canada.

This means we are able to licence the full GMP stack, consisting of SA360, DV360, Campaign Manager, GA360, Optimise360 and Studio, to clients who want to own their own data, have full control over the platform’s usage, and most importantly, have transparency over all media deals and fees in their platform.

So what can our GMP experts do for you?

We are here to help you maximise the benefits of GMP. All too often we see the GMP stack poorly implemented and under utilised. We believe, and have proven, that the Google Marketing Platform stack can enable transformative progress and growth for our clients so we’re here to help.

We understand the challenges around getting the most out of your investment in technology, and this is exactly how we’ve built our dedicated Google Marketing Platform team. Our team of platform experts are there to ensure all clients and partners develop a strong foundation in both theoretical knowledge and technical implementations – a key part of ensuring success on GMP.

We offer additional services which link back into the platform to further amplify your gains. After working with you on understanding the challenges and unlocking growth potential we continue to provide value through advanced techniques. These include the managed service of uploading first party data and offline conversions, utilising our proprietary tech stack to enhance performance and building machine learning LTV models that can be activated through custom bidding algorithms.

Star Tool of GMP: Offline Conversions to SA360

The changing privacy regulations & cookie deprecation means optimising based on 1st-party data is even more important than before. This tool is able to handle the automation of uploading offline conversions to Google SA360 for optimisation and provide improved value-based bidding, which is crucial to Search.