Search Engine Optimisation

Your audience uses search every day — to buy, to learn, or to navigate to their favorite sites.

With SEO, you can win their hearts and minds by putting the right content in front of them, exactly when they’re searching for it.


What we do:

We’ve collaborated on ambitious SEO strategies for brands across the globe, propelling them up the rankings. Together, we’ll arrive at a plan that will achieve your goals while being practical to execute.

Satisfying Search Intent

The core SEO activities identify what your audience will search for and create content that speaks to their needs. Each business deserves a unique, considered approach to that. We’ll apply a permutation of:

  • Keyword research
  • Audience research
  • Journey mapping
  • Persona research
  • Targeting optimization
  • Content writing
  • Content consolidation
  • Indexation blockers


Your SEO program should be accountable for its results. We’ll help you create reports, understand attribution, and save you time with automation.

  • Content auditing
  • Keyword mapping
  • Attribution modeling
  • Report creation
  • Automation


Your website needs to comply with guidelines set by Google and other search engines to appear in search results.

  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • International SEO
  • Mobile SEO

Special projects

When a big event is on your radar, we’ll create a short-term, goal-driven engagement tailored to you.

  • Website migrations
  • Traffic drop analysis
  • Due diligence

Landing Page Optimization

Ideal for maximizing search activity

Insights & Research Project

Part of all our services
Ideal for actionable insights


Ideal for in-house optimization tearms

Full Service CRO Program

Ideal for high growth, high traffic brands

Why we’re different

Brainlabs’ consultative approach ensures that changes happen. We do the legwork to understand your business — and its people — so we can make a big impact.


Big companies have big SEO hurdles to overcome. Winning requires breaking down silos and collaborating across departments. Our consultative approach recognizes this reality and ensures you’ll make things happen.


Our extensive experience with eCommerce models and information architecture have built strong institutional knowledge around faceted navigation and category targeting.


Your product solves a unique problem for your customers. But before they’re familiar with your brand, how will they look for solutions? We’ll help analyze audience behaviors to make contact with leads at every stage of the funnel.

“We forged a new partnership with Brainlabs last summer and that’s been fundamental in a lot of these successes[…] And more widely helping transform us from a very purist brand marketing company to one that is a brand and performance marketing company.”

– Pret a manger, 2021

Pret Flask

SEO Results

Our brainlabbers have helped hundreds of clients with SEO across the world.

Increased Monthly Conversions 3x

Increased Conversions 143%

99% More Form Submissions

Increased Info Requests by 46%

Saved €15,000 Per Month

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