Google Marketing Platform for Advertisers

We give your business the tools and expertise to get the most out of your marketing campaigns.

A powerful partnership of expertise and technology

We know a thing or two about using smart tech to drive growth. As a trusted Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner, we’re specialists in equipping advertisers with the perfect combination of expertise and technology for their business needs. Whether that be through our first-class onboarding, implementation, consultancy, ongoing support or training services, we empower advertisers to achieve remarkable results.

Technology has always been at the heart of our ability to execute faster, smarter campaigns. By combining Google’s suite of advertising and analytics solutions with our tailored service offering, we can deliver the highest level of media planning, buying, measurement, and optimisation.

Display & Video 360

Plan campaigns, manage creatives, apply audience data, and buy inventory directly from publishers or ad exchanges on an impression-by-impression basis in real-time for cross-channel video and display.

Search Ads 360

Make large-scale changes to campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads across Google Ads, Bing Ads and more using Search Ads 360’s sophisticated bidding strategies and customisable reporting metrics.

Campaign Manager

Manage your ads and control your data fully with Campaign Manager’s ad serving, targeting, trafficking, and reporting features with full reach across the entire Google Marketing Platform stack and other channels.

Analytics 360

Understand how your digital marketing influences user behaviour with audience management, measurement, and attribution tools across Google Marketing Platform properties.

Why partner with Brainlabs?

We’re here to help you do things better than you could by yourself.

We’re here to support you in taking the next step in your digital marketing and run cohesive campaigns across platforms. Gain more control over your activity, and understand your audience on a deeper level with the Google Marketing Platform cross-channel integrations. All our account managers are certified with the highest level of technical expertise in Google’s platforms, and our bespoke service offering covers the full spectrum of all your business goals.


We’ll give you everything you need to help you get to grips with the Google Marketing Platform solutions. We’ll support your account set up and plan campaign structure, targeting, and bid strategy support. We’ll make sure all your accounts are linked and synced, and implement your Floodlight tags and channel integrations so they align with your wider strategy.


Our immersive training courses are tailored around your needs and experience. Whether you’re looking for time-saving tips or more hands-on experience, we’ll cover everything comprehensively from platform basics to advanced features and gathering insights to inform your business strategy.


Ongoing support is available from our dedicated teams for day-to-day troubleshooting, strategic input and direction for your media plans, as well as sophisticated project-based consultancy. We can to help you take your marketing to the next level by helping you understand user journeys, make the most offline data to increase efficiencies, and use business data to bid for profit-margin and drive business value.

Guide to Google Marketing Platform

Our blog series will walk you through the best features and best practice of Google Marketing Platform