Watch our new mini-series featuring top trends for 2024

At Brainlabs, we don’t just follow trends, we pioneer them. Our mission here is to look beyond the big trends everyone is talking about, as we aim to dive deeper on the subtle currents beneath the surface – the ‘trends-to-be’ that have yet to echo across industry chatter – but are destined to shape the future of media and advertising.

Our experts from across the globe share what makes these trends so important, and how to apply them for high-performance results.

The Lipstick Effect 2.0

Here, we’re witnessing a fascinating paradox in shopping behavior and marketers need to pay attention.

Consumers are making purchasing decisions faster and with more impulse, but critically, they’re also taking more time to luxuriate in decision-making, going to great lengths to justify their spending on social media.

In short, people are spending and there is demand up for grabs.

Influencers are becoming a major driver of the entire marketing mix

2024 is the year Influencer marketing proves it’s no longer just another channel in the mix, but a channel that truly fuels it.

It is now possible, if you have sufficient scale and creativity, to not just drive the trends that ignite consumer behaviour, but to manufacture demand around them and capture that demand through other channels like Search and SEO.

Short-form video is still one to watch

Short-form video is nothing new, but how advertisers can use it effectively has evolved hugely thanks to big shifts from platforms like TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.

2024 will be a year to truly capitalise on many new formats that exist here – there’s big opportunity for the brands willing to lean in, test, learn and optimize.

Especially if you consider that short-form video is expected to overtake text as a complete medium at some point.

Incrementality Testing: the new measurement must-have

As we head into the year of the “death of the cookie” – combined with macroeconomic factors – marketing budgets are set to continue to come under scrutiny.

We predict solutions such as Incrementality Testing & Media Mix Modelling need to be at the forefront of digital marketers’ thinking in 2024.

Put simply, if you’re not measuring incrementally, you’re not measuring.

Pay attention to SGE

The SGE is Google’s biggest change in Search in 20 years!

If you’re not already baking this into your 2024 plans, forward thinking competitors will have the competitive advantage.

While Google Labs testing has shown us what it might look like, no one is sure exactly how it will affect the SERPs when rolled out.

But Brainlabs has you covered on how to prepare.

No longer an add-on, AI becomes entwined with consumer habits

The emergence of AI is altering consumer behavior, from where people shop, to where they get their information, to how they interact with the internet – and with each other.

With AI now impacting consumer behaviors, savvy advertisers will analyze their audiences’ shifts in habits and rituals when deciding which platforms to prioritize in the coming year.