Total Jobs appoint Brainlabs to conquer big challenges

Total Jobs appoint Brainlabs to conquer big challenges

Totaljobs has appointed Brainlabs to manage its paid search advertising across the UK. Brainlabs was selected for their mathematical mastery, reflected by the unique team of mathematicians, scientists and programmers, and, by extension, for having built some of the most advanced paid search technology to date.

Of the appointment, Sarah Pandya, Digital Traffic Specialist at Totaljobs, said

” We selected Brainlabs to deliver our PPC strategy because we saw in them the ability to help us conquer some of our biggest traffic challenges. The Brainlabs team demonstrated to us a combination of analytical and mathematical skills which have already led to some innovative ideas and approaches.”

The partnership is symptomatic of the trend amongst advertisers to move towards agencies with a far more sophisticated approach to digital marketing. The proliferation of data, the number of acquistion channels, the rise of mobile, and the  sustained investment in platforms such as AdWords, means companies now require a particular and specialist set of skills to compete in their respective industries.

Liam Milner, Account Director at Brainlabs, who is managing the Totaljobs account remarked

“It’s very exciting to be working with Totaljobs, yet another client with whom we have developed a strategy that is sure to demand the best of our team.”

Brainlabs is an award winning mathematical media buying agency based in King’s Cross, appointing the most capable graduates from Oxford and Cambridge to define the future of paid search.

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