The Changing Luxury Landscape

The luxury landscape has shifted drastically over the last 5 years, with new audiences demanding fresh marketing approaches from brands. 

Our experience creating disproportionate cut-through with global challenger brands and ambitious luxury newcomers has made one crucial thing clear. 

The rules of luxury marketing have changed. Now, we’re sharing them with you. 

Collaborating with award-winning consumer research company Appinio, we’ve analysed crucial original data and developed a new approach to luxury marketing based on the 4 Ps: Place, Promotion, Product and Price. 

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  • The new rules that luxury brands need to follow to create cut-through this year and beyond.
  • Invaluable insights into the luxury market and statistics on key audience demographics that brands need to market towards.
  • Examples on how brands can create marketing campaigns that will drive CLV, build lasting relationships and ultimately win in a turbulent market. 
  • Insider opinions and examples of the right strategies in action.