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Brainlabs’ Jon Molina shares his thoughts on Meta’s newly launched Threads platform

“Meta’s Twitter copycat”, Threads, has attracted much attention from various different brands and marketing companies since its launch on July 5th 2023. Brainlabs’ VP of Paid Social Jonathan Molina spoke to Krystal Scanlon at Digiday and asks, knowing that a linked Instagram profile is required to use Threads, how will Meta report daily users on earnings calls for each platform? 

In a race for relevance, there is a clear sense of urgency to jump on the “hype train” around this new social media platform, accounting for the massive 50 million users on Threads in its first 24 hours of launching.

The numerous profiles already created on Threads – despite Meta’s previous controversial history surrounding privacy and misinformation – is impossible to overlook. There’s also a “notable asterisk” placed on its growth being attributed to the user’s ability to link their current instagram account to their newly created Threads account, effectively transferring company’s followers from one platform to another with undoubtable ease.

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