Brainlabs joins panel at The Future of Brands hosted by The Media Leader

Earlier this year, Brainlabs SVP of Strategy & Planning, Venya Wijegoonewardene, spoke as part of a wide-ranging panel discussion at The Future of Brands 2023. 

The London-based panel revealed that increased time pressures for effectiveness teams was an important discussion point.

In a world of automation and generative AI, mass producing creatives is as easy as a click of a button. The real magic happens when you marry creative and media planning. According to Wijegoonewardene, more responsibility will be placed on media planners to “lead the pack” to improve ad effectiveness across different environments. 

“We have more tech available to help us navigate that, but I think as planners our job is to really understand what is insight, what are we helping creative agencies navigate and create creative that works in multiple different contexts,” she said.

As use of artificial intelligence in media planning becomes more sophisticated, advertisers can expect to have the time and space to take a more active role in aiding creative strategy across digital platforms. “The role of the media planner is actually more critical in the world of automation because it allows you to spend more time making those strategic decisions and less time on menial, repeatable tasks,” she added.

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