Brainlabs earns its Certified Company in Media badge in partnership with Meta

We’re honoured to share that Brainlabs has earnt its “Certified Company in Media” badge in partnership with Meta. Having learned about the Certified Company program, we knew it would be the perfect avenue for growing our business. Jon Molina, Vice President of Paid Social at Brainlabs, mentioned that “there is no detriment to learning more” and was eager to be a part of the program. 

“I think that with data and the nuance behind [the media certification] it separates the good from the great in the agency landscape. We can not only interpret, but also synthesize impactful recommendations for our clients,” Molina said.

As stewards of our clients’ businesses, we’ve always strived to have all the industry expertise available to support their customers at the highest level. The Certified Company program has played an essential role in ensuring there would be no gap within our knowledge space and it goes without saying that our clients have appreciated our efforts to remain leaders within the industry.

As a whole, 30 of 33 members of the Brainlabs North America marketing team received their media certifications and Molina has already seen a tangible impact. Molina noted a 6-15% increase in day-to-day performance from his team and chalks that up to the value of the Meta Certification offerings. With these new tools and focus on continued education, we’ve been able to elevate our campaign management in partnership with Meta.

“Prior to the certifications, a lot of the performance that we were driving was expected. But with the entirety of our paid social team over here passing both the Meta Certified Media Planning Professional and Media Buying Professional certifications, it has empowered them to think outside of the box,” Molina said.

“As the advertising environment continues to change, being as up-to-date as possible with all the developments on the front end, back end and how that’s utilized in day-to-day work is really critical,” Molina said.

You can read more about our partnership with Meta here: