Brainlabs awarded Best Financial Service Campaign at The Drum Search Awards

Brainlabs’ run of awards continues after the European Search Awards, picking up the Drum Search Award for Best Financial Services campaign. Brainlabs were given the primary challenge of maximising lead volumes from PPC activity in the face of rising competition that have doubled CPCs year on year, a distinct lack of leads being generated for the call centre staff and and ensuring that call centre staff were being utilised throughout the day given that there were periods when fewer leads were materialising. The winning submission detailed Brainlabs’ use of the homemade ad scheduling tool along with some extremely innovative and strategic thinking to increase leads for Which? Mortgage Advisors whilst reducing wasted spend. Our eyes are now fixed on the UK Search Awards, Dadi Awards and Data Storytelling Awards. But in the meantime, we will settle for a triumphant picture of our brainboxes Liam Milner and Daniel Bottiglieri.

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