Brainlabs at Performance Marketing 360: “It’s time to reunite creative and media”

Campaign launched its first ever Performance Marketing 360 conference this month. And they invited none other than our founder and CEO Daniel Gilbert to deliver a talk.

The event places a special emphasis on the importance of data, automation and personalisation within advertising. In other words, all the things that we at Brainlabs pride ourselves most on.

Daniel’s talk looked at the bigger picture of the media and marketing landscape, sharing his vision of the agency model of the future.

Agency of the future

In his own words, agencies need to become a ‘hive mind, a single agency brand an advertiser can consult for all their marketing and media needs.’

Considering the higher volume of creative content produced in the modern era, it makes more sense for creative and media services to be brought together under the same agency.

In combination with an advertiser’s in-house capabilities, the agency of the future will help to simplify the fragmented media landscape.

“Clients don’t care about the different agency brands,” he said. “They want single brands. The model has to be built around the people who pay the bills and can tap into what they need. If they want to in-house certain parts, then great – in-house certain parts. If they want to buy added services, let them buy services.

“It’s all about creating easy ways for clients that buy to help them scale and plug into the bits they can’t do as well.”