Data Science

Crystal balls and tarot cards are so last century. These days, futures and fortunes are told through data and science, not witchcraft and horoscopes.

It’s extremely difficult to guess what our customers are thinking. Sadly we can’t read minds (yet), but we can use the wealth and richness of historical customer purchase behavior to predict what product, message or offer we should show to a customer next.

So what can our Data Science experts do for you?

Help you predict and connect with your most valuable customers. How about a pioneering software engine that plays Cupid between you and your customers? By analysing billions of data points, we can predict which of your customers will be your most valuable long-term. The results can then be fed through various channels so you can get better acquainted with key customers through paid search, social, email, website and in-app. So you can focus your efforts on the customers who will stick around in the long run.

Deliver a more personalised experience to your customers. Provide individual recommendations to each customer based on what they’re likely to love using our software which learns from previous consumer data and predicts the product or offering that your customer is most likely to purchase next.

Understand the true value of every part of your marketing mix. Stop wasting money on the things that aren’t working! With our Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) software you can tell which parts of your media mix aren’t pulling their weight and which are the heavy-lifters so you can focus your resources in the right places. 

Create a unique data solution for you. We love a data challenge, even really niche ones.  Whether it’s connecting data sources in the absence of join keys, or measuring causal effects where split tests aren’t possible or tracking issues due to privacy changes. Basically, if it can be measured, optimised or modelled to help you, our data consultants are ready to help.