ISO 27001 Certification


Brainlabs is committed to protecting its information (confidentiality, integrity and availability) and that of its customers, suppliers and partners.
We’re proud to be ISO 27001 certified. The ISO certification is one of the most globally recognized information security standards and recognises Brainlabs’ implementation of, and ongoing commitment to, a stringent Information Security Management System (ISMS)

The purpose of our ISMS is:

  • To define Brainlabs policy in respect of information security to meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013, and enable identification of the procedures in which control is found and by which the policy is implemented. These requirements will be met across the course of contracts/orders, preparation, processing and delivery.


  • To demonstrate management responsibility for fulfilment of customer needs and requirements.


  • To implement and operate controls and measures for managing the organisation’s overall capability to manage information security incidents.


  • To ensure uniformity of understanding and performance.


  • As a training/induction aid to ensure continuity of the system when personnel change.


  • As a reference base against which practices and procedures can be audited internally, externally or by customers.


  • To facilitate corrective action taken if non-conformance or inadequacy is found.