We believe doing good is good for business. For us, doing good means three things.

Making Brainlabs the best place in the world to work

How do you create a workplace where people are genuinely happy? The first step is to make staff happiness a primary mission. And the second step is to build, sustain, and continuously improve company culture.

Brainlabs has free breakfasts and lunches, hammocks, free fitness and yoga classes, flexible working hours, excellent holiday provision, and a whole load more. But these are just perks; it’s our culture, first and foremost, that makes working here a rewarding experience.

Driving progress within the advertising industry

As the best performance marketing agency on the planet, it is our responsibility to set the highest ethical standards in how we conduct business. We also strive to help others by sharing best practice and open-source scripts, and hopefully inspiring greater collaboration across the global advertising community.

We are transparent in how we collaborate with clients. Every client is given full access to the platforms we use to operate their accounts. Data is the legal property of clients. Our fee is calculated outside of the platform, to ensure complete visibility. We’ve written a number of times about transparency (like in the Drum, here), and even shared a breakdown of programmatic spend.

We have led the way in protecting clients from ad misplacement. Our six-step approach to preventing ad fraud and brand safety is industry-leading. We have also written extensively about best practice in minimising risk on YouTube and programmatic display, and have contributed to independent research such as Econsultancy’s ‘Trust and Transparency Report’.

We are advocates of the GDPR, the benefits of embracing automation, and the economic and social value of technological progress.

As CEO of Brainlabs, Daniel Gilbert has used his platform to share thought leadership, industry comment, and a whole bucketload of open-source Google Ads scripts with the industry and wider community.

Having a positive impact on the world


There’s more to life than PPC. That’s why Brainlabbers are encouraged to spend a portion of their working hours doing pro bono work, and three days per year working for a charity of their choice. And it’s why we match 100% of any donation to a registered charity.

The Environment and Local Community

We have a CSR, Equality and Diversity, and Green Energy Committee, who have achieved outstanding results. Notable successes include improving the energy efficiency of Brainlabs to well above national standards and supporting a number of local charities aiding various projects, from combating homelessness and LGBT bullying in schools to helping improve local areas and community-garden schemes.

Supporting Local Education

We’ve partnered with schools to provide careers coaching for disadvantaged students through Future Frontiers, and set up CV and interview workshops with Paiwand who provide support for refugees and help them build a happy life in the UK.

We support education by sending spokespeople to schools to give talks on subjects including STEM and women in the workplace. We also run a work experience scheme through Tower Hamlets EBP, which partners us with underprivileged students unable to source their own high quality placements, and ensures that they receive exposure to each of our departments.