At Brainlabs, strategy and planning is centred around how we use communications to solve a client’s business challenge. Audience is at the heart of all this, and we adopt a channel agnostic perspective on how and where to activate our plans.

Our strategy and planning teams are focused on delivering growth through our planning process and through modular projects, such as audience and category segmentation or consumer journey mapping.

So what can our Strategy & Planning experts do for you?

Strategic Planning, we seek to understand audiences and identify category truths that can unlock growth. We use a combination of proprietary Brainlabs tools, third party insight tools and client’s first party data, to give us a granular, data-driven view and map the consumer segments and motivations that present the biggest opportunity for growth. This process ensures the consumer needs are and stays at the heart of our decision-making, while identifying the strategic roles of media and the best channels and messaging to deliver growth against these areas of opportunity.

An output of this is a holistic planning framework to guide activation through the line, and formulate macro hypotheses that will help us gain a more granular perspective on a client’s business.

Activation Planning and Optimization Planning is where our strategists and planners work alongside our specialist product and channel experts to deliver best-in-class activation planning. We determine what channels, key platforms, messaging and formats are best for driving towards the vision, and which experiments will help to validate or disprove the hypotheses set at the start.