Paid Social

We’re experts in planning and activating campaigns across all major social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Kakao, Line, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snap, TikTok and Twitter.

This is powered by our own in-house ad tech, such as our custom-built audience expander, the best of third party ad tech through global partnerships, and the use of advanced formats like AR and Chatbots.

What makes us your best partner for Paid Social?

We test and iterate at the speed of light. Our social account and campaign structures include a dedicated budget for testing, allowing us to always test new hypotheses, audiences, tactics and creatives.  Using dynamic budget optimisation tools, we can identify the best performing structure and iterate in real time, maximising every penny spent on the platform.

We are experienced in delivering Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), namely AdLib,, StitcherAds and Spirable. Our work is able to drive hyper-personalised consumer experiences across all social channels, providing clients with the most suitable dynamic creative solution for their brand’s needs.

We have a close partnership with all major social platforms, globally. Being a Meta Business Partner and a premium agency partner of LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Snap, Quora and TikTok means we have dedicated agency support in all markets. With some platforms we even receive early access to new formats and measurement tools before they become available to all advertisers. Our engineering team is also certified and has access to all major platforms’ APIs, so we can easily integrate, set up, troubleshoot, as well as develop bespoke solutions on top of their APIs.


Star Tool of Social: Facebook Attribution Window Comparison Tool

This data is not widely or publicly available but using this tool to pull conversion data directly from the Facebook API and segmenting it by view-through and click-through attribution windows means we can have better insights, and utilise it to develop sophisticated cross-channel attribution models.

Paid Social Results

Some of our spectacularly social successes across the world.

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