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Brainlabs is going to SES London!

We’re pleased to announce that on the 10th of February our MD, Dan Gilbert, will be speaking at SES London. The talk is called “If You Can’t Code, You Can’t Do PPC”. As you may have noticed, coding is important to us at Brainlabs: Dan will be talking about why.  And once you’re inspired to take your PPC to the […]

Brainlabs wins The Digitals!

We are delighted to announce that we have won the Search Marketing category at The Digitals for our real time bidding for search platform we built for alpharooms. Please join us, if only momentarily, to bask in this paid search glory.

We thank our brilliant, bright, albeit slightly mad paid search scientists who, with rigor and ambition, created a tool that […]

Introduction to AdWords Scripts

Using AdWords scripts is essential to anyone looking to automate any of the more repetitive parts of account management.

Here at Brainlabs, we can’t get enough of scripts. We use them all the time, from something as simple as sending an hourly spend email to much more complex bid management systems that work across multiple accounts. They can be used to adjust ads […]

Sorry Google, we’ve written a script to reverse your ‘Close Variant Matching’

Google 0 – 1 Brainlabs
You may have heard that Google are removing exact match at the end of September. They’re telling us that it will give us “control with less complexity” which is really patronising for those sophisticated advertisers who have built systems and workflows around precise match types. It’s just a way of collecting more cash. People are going […]

AdWords script: Scan your landing pages and put an end to errors

This script scans your landing pages to detect errors on your pages or site. If you’ve not run a script before please read our Introduction to AdWords Scripts. For more open-source fun check out our AdWords Scripts directory. And if you want to use some of our technology that’s arrived back from the future then sign up for one of our paid plans on the Brainlabs […]