The big debate: Is coding a must-have skill for marketers?

Dan Gilbert, CEO of programmatic and PPC specialist agency Brainlabs goes one step further, suggesting coding is the number one skill he would teach a marketer.

“Everyone should learn to code and the next generation will definitely learn how,” he said at a recent event hosted by consultancy Oystercatchers. […]

Brainlabs is fastest growing UK company in Financial Times ranking

The list ranks companies by their revenue growth over a three-year period, from 2012 to 2015. During that time, Brainlabs grew its income by 8,218%, or 83 times, to €13.6m (£11.6m).

This growth rate places it behind only three other companies. Topping the list is Hello Fresh, the Berlin-based recipe kit delivery business, which grew revenues 13,159% to €304,952m. […]

Automation won’t steal your job, unless you resist it

In 162 Future Jobs: Preparing for Jobs that Don’t Yet Exist, Thomas Frey shares a list of possible roles that will be created in the near future.

As VR becomes more prevalent, for example, we’ll probably need “avatar relationship managers” – people who help to resolve conflicts between our digital incarnations, or the rise of 3D printing may lead to the […]

Google will help users block annoying ads (except its own)

Daniel Gilbert, chief executive of Brainlabs, a marketing agency, said: “This is a clear move by Google to wipe out the ad-blockers because they pose a threat to Google. If Google can tidy up the ad ecosystem in Chrome, then they are hoping that users won’t feel the need to install an additional blocker, let alone pay for a service.

“If […]

Here’s a script that copies audiences to all your campaigns

Making good things better is… good. Take campaign-level audiences — they’re good, but wouldn’t meta-campaign-level audiences be even better? Sure.

To reiterate, campaign level audiences are great. You don’t have quite as fine control as with ad group-level audiences (and it’s annoying you can’t have ad group and campaign audiences together!), but they’re much easier to keep track of, because there […]

Brainlabs is Europe’s 4th fastest-growing company!

So…we’re the 4th fastest growing company in Europe.
Pretty bonkers! First we were (first) on the Deloitte Tech Track Fast 50 for the UK, but this is growth on a continental stage!

CEO and our Supreme Leader Dan Gilbert has purportedly said: ‘I hate to sound like a broken record, but we just love growing, it feels great. It’s all in no small […]

Yes, you can eradicate the gender pay gap … and here’s how

Marketing has evolved over the last decade towards a far more data-driven approach, so it seemed like a natural fit for a mathematician, and Brainlabs shared my love for tech innovation, as well as some personal principles about workplace culture. Working here gave me the chance to really push my mathematical creativity, whilst also being influential on the growth of […]

UK’s gender pay rankings will put discrimination under spotlight

A more radical reaction to their findings would be simply to close the gap by giving women a pay rise. One firm that did that, London marketing start-up Brainlabs, was featured in this column last year. After it found an 8.6% pay gap, it raised female employees’ pay by an average of 8.6%. The idea – agreed by a company-wide […]