Brainlabs hires robot receptionist

‘A robot clocked on for its first shift on reception at a London office today.

The 4ft assistant Pepper, pictured with Jessica Dealey at the Shoreditch offices of media agency Brainlabs, has a screen in its chest and can identify emotions and adapt its responses.’ […]

Learning how to put your trust in data

Businesses still don’t trust digital. It’s fair enough, when you consider all the undisclosed rebates, the deliberate complexity, the lack of transparency, the ongoing problems of viewability, ad fraud, brand safety. […]

GDPR: New data laws will drive a more democratic form of advertising

Data has been dubbed the “new oil” by The Economist, and you can see why. With a rich supply of customer data, and some decent machine learning technology, a business can optimise its pricing to such a degree as to blow its competitors out of the water. Or, based on the trillions of data points that can be analysed now, […]

How to check if you’ve screwed up your AdWords account vol. 2

If you can believe it, since publishing our first version of this script a year ago, Google has gone and changed AdWords again. And here we were thinking it would just stay the same forever — guess we were wrong!

New AdWords stuff means new potential for screw-ups, hence the 2017 revamp. Who knows? Maybe we’ll do a new one every […]

Moving offices: How to get it right

Phones, desks, chairs, kettles, biscuit tins – packing up and moving an office is exhausting, time-consuming and often costly.

Even when the office manager (or whichever team member is managing the move at the time) has ensured that goods make it from A to B successfully, the trouble doesn’t always end there. Dan was on-hand for The Telegraph to lend some insights […]

Get ready for programmatic TV advertising

One day, in the not too distant future, all TV ads will be bought programmatically. Linear TV ad inventory will be available on the open exchange, targeted to the individual, and highly measurable in its performance. This would be truly programmatic TV, and it can’t come soon enough. […]

How Labour won general election’s social media clash with positive adverts

Dan spoke to both The Times and The Independent to give his thoughts on the various parties’ attempts at online advertising during the election, discussing the importance of ad relevance in an online battle for votes. Thankfully, he didn’t crack any jokes and managed to come out with something that actually sounded quite credible:
“Essentially, Labour got more for less from their Facebook […]

Brainlabs relocate headquarters to Old Street

Media agency Brainlabs is relocating to new offices across London to accommodate its rapidly expanding team, after being named by the Financial Times as the fastest growing company in the UK, and fourth fastest in Europe.

Brainlabs, the highest-ranking agency in this year’s Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies to Work For, will vacate existing headquarters in King’s Cross and head […]

Here’s where your programmatic spend should be going

Ebiquity recently warned CMOs that “60% of programmatic spend is wasted” due to ad fraud, viewability issues, and an “ever more complex” supply chain.

This article is not supposed to challenge his claim – if anything 60% might be a slight underestimate because most agencies are marking up the media before it even gets to fees. I just want to point […]