Brianlabs is hiring


Five Questions for New Joiner Will

1. What was your first day like at Brainlabs?

Pretty chilled. Got into the office at 10 and was greeted by breakfast and a few hungry brainlabs veterans. Swiftly proceeded to Mario Kart, which took over what remained of the morning. After a lunch with the whole company, we sat down for my first Internal Learning (on Google Web Designer- not […]

Shortlisted for Seven European Search Awards

After last year’s success in Berlin…

…we are thrilled to have been shortlisted for no fewer than seven awards at the prestigious European Search Awards. No strangers to these illustrious events with their quirky photo booths, free beer, intriguing interpretations of ‘smart/casual’, furtive glances at the competition’s tables across the room, willing them to fail and us to succeed, we’re very […]

The Mario Kart 8 Equinox Championship

The March Equinox – A Trailer.



The scene was set. A chill breeze swept up and down York Way like a giant broomstick wielded by an even larger groundskeeper. Cars gleamed across the road at American Car Wash (from £8.95). The King’s Cross pond rippled. Every member of the Brainlabs team was, quite literally in some cases, shaking with anticipation ahead […]

Sophie Newton is a Woman of Tomorrow

Last night, top Brainbox, Sophie Newton, was announced as a Woman of Tomorrow by Campaign mag. She seems like a pretty incredible woman of today to us but apparently in the big wide world of advertising she is officially one “to watch”. The awards were perfectly timed as the ceremony was held on International Women’s Day – an important moment […]

Five Questions for Liz: Finance Hero

1. Describe your typical day?
I always start my day of with a latte and a slice of Vegemite (Marmite’s superior cousin) toast or an egg on toast. I then check my emails and get started on a number of tasks – my job is never the same, one moment I’ll be doing invoicing and the next I could be ordering […]

10 Unique Ways to Improve Ad Copy

This Thursday at 4pm (GMT), our Group Account Director, Liam Milner, will be presenting a PPC webinar. Along with Lauren Rosner from Hanapin Marketing, these two PPC heroes will be talking all things ad copy – in fact, as the title suggests, they will be counting out 10 different ways to improve your PPC ads. Click through this link to […]

Five Questions for Alice: Our Talent Managing Superstar

1. How do you start your day?

In the glory days I would try to make myself breakfast (egg and bagel) and a coffee straight away when I arrive to get my day started right.  I, however, gave up coffee for New Years, and this is my first day of veganism for Lent so now I just have watery porridge – […]

Brainlabs do Christmas

Christmas festivities are taken deadly seriously at Brainlabs HQ. Three big days of celebration were planned for the most wonderful time of the year. First, Christmas cheer was stirred up as the team took a trip down to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, where we enjoyed ice skating and mulled wine, falling over and skating backwards.

On the second day of […]

Decisions, Decisions – An Advanced A/B Testing Tool for your AdWords Accounts

Sometimes the testing tools built into AdWords aren’t enough. So we wrote a script that lets you test anything. You simply have two versions of your campaigns – the ‘Control’ and ‘Experiment’ – and the script alternately pauses and enables them every hour, so they get an even share of the traffic. The script then checks the performance to see if there’s […]

Brainlabs: Best Large PPC Agency

We always knew last night would be a big night – but we had no idea how big… We’re talking about the UK Search Awards 2015: the biggest awards night in Search. The Brainlabs team headed down to the Southbank after work with all our  fingers and toes crossed. We were not disappointed. Brainlabs won a grand total of three awards […]