Brainlabs helps On the Beach lower CPA by 49% through durable measurement and targeting solutions

Brainlabs helps On the Beach lower CPA by 49% through durable measurement and targeting solutions

We’re committed to helping our clients achieve outstanding results. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with On The Beach and Google to maxmize their online performance and achieve a staggering 49% reduction in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

Navigating regulatory and technological shifts

Changing regulatory and technology environments have created significant gaps in online conversion measurement for advertisers. For On The Beach, these changes resulted in significant gaps in online conversion measurement, directly impacting their digital performance activities. Faced with challenges stemming from user consent choices and the deprecation of third-party cookies, On The Beach needed a robust solution to ensure accurate measurement and targeting in their digital campaigns.

Our strategic approach for sustainable results

On The Beach partnered with Brainlabs and Google to implement innovative solutions aimed at addressing the gaps in online conversion measurement. Leveraging Google’s Consent Mode and Enhanced Conversions on SA360, On The Beach was able to mitigate the impact of user consent choices and third-party cookie deprecation, respectively. This strategic approach not only enabled On The Beach to enhance measurement accuracy but also provided a foundation for sustainable digital marketing practices.
Over the course of three months, On The Beach executed a comprehensive plan that included the use of Google Tag Manager for Google Ads and SA360 Floodlight tags. They embraced emerging technologies such as GA4 audiences and Conversion-based Customer Match lists to leverage first-party data and overcome the challenges posed by evolving audience data activation methods.

The Results

On The Beach recovered 15% of conversions through the implementation of Consent Mode, while Enhanced Conversions contributed to an additional 16% recovery.Conversion-based Customer Match lists and GA4 Audiences delivered impressive results, driving an average ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) increase of +105% and lowering CPA by an astounding 49%.The integration of additional signals facilitated by these solutions empowered On The Beach to enhance their digital performance through AI-driven bidding strategies, further optimizing campaign effectiveness.

Speaking on the results, Mel Giblin, Performance Marketing Lead at On the Beach said: “Implementing durable measurement solutions meant we recovered 31% additional conversions, giving us greater visibility of true performance and allowing us to optimize more effectively.”

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