What is the Academy?

The Academy has been designed to give you a solid foundation in all things digital marketing and data to help fast-track your career. You’ll get to work alongside our team of experts who will provide you with tons of support and guidance as you learn the ropes.. And because we’re all about data-driven strategies here at Brainlabs, we’ll give you plenty of opportunities to flex your analytical muscles too.

So, what can you expect?


As soon as you’re on board, we’ll connect you with your fellow Academy adventurers so you can start to make connections and build your community, and together, you’ll embark on the first stages of your learning – mental health, language and cultural awareness

Intensive 4-week induction

Dive into digital marketing, data, and planning, and set down roots in Buenos Aires with your fellow Academy members. You’ll get to know our LATAM CEO and other key Brainlabbers who will be supporting you on your journey

Join a hive*

Put your newfound skills into practice by working on real client campaigns and enjoy the unique Brainlabs culture.

Progress into the next step of your career

After 12 months the academy programme is complete. From there, you will shape your long-term career path at Brainlabs based on your interests and strengths.

Throughout your time in the academy, you will have regular check-ins with your manager to ensure your learning is progressing and that you are getting all of the support that you need – from both a professional and personal development perspective.

*You may be wondering what on earth a hive is…don’t worry, there are no bees involved. A hive is our name for a large, client-centred team where people from a mix of products and specialisms work together to create outstanding impact for our clients.

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