Personalisation in an Era of Data Privacy

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We’re back for another round of industry discussion! Last time we gathered at Brainlabs HQ to discuss the transition to in-house models and the ensuing shift in the structure of the agency landscape. This month we’ll be exploring how personalisation is becoming increasingly fraught in a post-GDPR, anti-tracking world.

In 2016, a SalesForce survey found that 57% of consumers said they were willing to share personalised data in exchange for personalised offers or discounts.

Public perception has shifted greatly since then – a US survey found that 68% of consumers would like to see the US adopt a strict data privacy law, similar to Europe’s GDPR.

Just last month, Google announced new privacy features that enable Chrome users to block multi-site cookies, which will greatly affect how marketers and agencies track, target, and attribute. Meanwhile, Apple has released the most recent iteration of their anti-tracking software, Intelligent Tracking Prevention, in the form of ITP 2.2, which limits first-party cookies to only 1 day of storage. Both software updates and the exponential rise of mobile are sparking numerous prophecies of a cookie-less world.

One year on from GDPR, in an age where consumers are demanding more transparency and control, at what point does “Know Your Customer” go too far? And how will increasingly difficult conversion measurement affect digital marketing agencies and publishers alike?

Come along on Thursday 4th July to hear from the likes of Google, ConversionWorks, TUI and Brainlabs to see how industry experts navigate personalisation in an era consumed with data privacy.

Join us for an evening of food, drinks and chat in Brainlabs London HQ, where industry leaders tackle the latest issues in digital marketing! Tickets are limited, first come first serve, claim your tickets using the link below:




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