Unlocking the benefits of Dynamic Display Ads

Make your message count with eye-catching dynamic ads that showcase your product, service, or brand across desktop or mobile. When display ads are paired with dynamic feeds, advertisers can see up to 150% improved performance.

Dynamic display ads can be customized to change based on external data sources that relate to a user’s past behavior or environment. They are used to personalize ad elements in real-time according to audience and media signals. Below are some of the features and benefits you can expect from dynamic display ads:

Feature Benefit
Drive performance with personalizationCustomize messaging for every stage of the customer journey. According to Strategy Magazine, 54% of customers would like marketing messages to be more relevant.
Generate ads that meet the momentPair your dynamic feed with eye-catching ad formats, (like carousels) to create engaging functionality, showcasing the most relevant products to your customers at that moment. 
Utilizing external data sources like weather can help drive impact and keep your ads aligned to your audience’s reality.
Nurture brand relationshipsCombine insight and creativity to deliver utility and value to your audiences.

Design & Production

As a Studio-certified Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner, our team has your complete digital creative workflow covered for a seamless transition from production to launch — backed by the power of Google Marketing Platform products.

Every great campaign begins with thoughtfully-designed, well-executed creative. We build rich, high-impact ad experiences with an unparalleled standard for creative excellence — for work that looks as good as it performs.

Services include:

  • Dynamic strategy & planning
  • Design & production across ad sizes and formats
  • Test design & implementation
  • Custom development & advanced integrations

Want to see it in action?

Check out how Online Grocery Abandoned Cart Re-engagement helped Walmart Canada see 64% increase in engagement rate vs. the previous quarter’s performance.

Or how dynamic standard banners featuring a specific combination of text and images personalized ads to the right audiences for Keurig – resulting in 2.9x the client’s ROAS goal.