Low Quality Score Alert Script

If low Quality Score keywords are wasting your money, this script will help you find out where they are in order to tackle the problem head-on.

Quality Score is key in determining Ad Rank, which decides where your ad appears in the search engine result pages, and it is also a factor in how Google determines your cost-per-click. It penalizes advertisers who bid with low Quality Scores by rarely showing their ads.

And if you’re running a Google Grants account, low Quality Scores can put your entire account at risk of suspension, so you’ll want to remedy that as fast as possible.

What’s included?

How does the script work?

This script is a huge time-saver for fixing low Quality Score keywords. All you need to do is set a Quality Score threshold, and the script will email you where the keywords with a score equal or lower to that value are, so you can immediately get to sorting them out.

It can also label the keywords for you to make them even easier to find. And if you have a zero-tolerance policy, it can pause the keywords for you (make sure your threshold isn’t too high in that case).

After doing a test run to check whether everything is working correctly, we recommend setting up a regular schedule depending on how often you’d like the script to check your Quality Scores for you.

How do I use it?

In Google Ads, go to Bulk Actions, then choose Scripts to go to the Scripts page. Click on the big “+” button to create a new one, and paste in the script below.

Then, edit the following options:

  1. EMAIL_ADDRESSES is a list of the email addresses that will be alerted of the low Quality Score keywords. These should be a comma-separated list inside square brackets. For example, [“alice@example.com” and  “bob@example.co.uk”].
  2. QS_THRESHOLD is the Quality Score value that the script will consider as “low” as defined by you.
  3. If you want the low Quality Score keywords to be automatically labeled, then set LABEL_KEYWORDS to true and put the name of the label in LOW_QS_LABEL_NAME
  4. Set PAUSE_KEYWORDS to true if you want the low Quality Score keywords to be automatically paused.

The Low Quality Score Alert Script code