Google Marketing and Cloud Platform

As Google Marketing Platform resellers, we are one of the few global agencies with the ability to resell some of the most powerful technology solutions on the market. We have the capabilities to guide you through implementation, provide support on the entire GMP stack, and ensure that you maintain ownership of all your platform data.

Using new technologies requires an in-depth understanding of how they work. That’s why Brainlabs helps you not only license your software but also implement and train your team with your specific business goals in mind.

SupportDescriptionBrainlabs value-add
OnboardingGMP account creating
Tracking setup
Platform training
Spotless, best practice-compliant setup from day 1

Full suite of training delivered by Brainlabs GMP experts available to in-house teams

Accurate tracking in place ready for the activity to launch
Basic technical supportUnlimited email support
Monthly hotdesking sessions
All the client’s technical questions answered

Strategy support is an add-on vi consultancy retainer
Consultancy retainerFull strategic GMP support
Place the client on Maturity Framework and develop projects to address key areas (with a GMP focus).

Likely to cover:
Support launching new channels/campaigns on GMP
Measurement projects
Campaign planning
New feature/beat adoptions
Cloud and data science (e.g. LTV modeling)
Similar to full-management level of support but without hands-on optimization

Growth plan creation

Brainlabs act as the client’s strategic digital partner to mature their marketing and use of GMP products
Interim support Flexible level of support for in-house teams – anywhere from basic technical support to full account management Flexible, short term support for in-house teams low on support

Brainlabs Academy-trained resource available at all levels of experience

We are also a licensed Google Cloud Platform reseller and are able to support your teams with:

  • Consulting and planning cloud solutions
  • Implementing cloud infrastructure
  • Storage solutions for backups, regularly accessed data/documents, or large fast-changing files
  • Hybrid architecture with on-prem with cloud
  • Migration from on-prem to cloud
  • Hosting websites on the cloud