DV360 for App Management

Why you should manage your app campaigns through DV360

The simple answer is that UACs only give you access to one supply source while DV360 provides access to +70 supply sources.

There is a misconception that app-only DSPs have the best placements. Although app DSPs market unique offerings, they pale in comparison to Google’s network. With one of the largest SDK’s in the world, Google has the largest supply footprint in the industry. 

But what about Apple Search Ads?

You can use Campaign manager to view your ASA account. Consolidating your campaigns under one platform view presents an opportunity to analyze your business’s performance holistically as well as manage budget allocation and bit strategy decisions.

Why you should partner with Brainlabs to do this

We’re setting clients up for success no matter how they wish to manage their business. Our team is equipped to fully manage campaigns or offer consultancy and custom training sessions to run at a specific challenge. Below are just some of the topics we’re tackling in the industry:

  • Custom algorithms in DV360
    • With custom algorithms we can target specific in-app actions to educate your bid strategies with the business data that impacts your bottom line. This feature is exclusive to GMP and we can customize to whatever extent is appropriate for your business.

  • IDFA & Audience Segmentation
    • Just because cookies are going away doesn’t mean we’ve lost any of the existing data. In DV360 we can still target with precision, leveraging the 2nd-party data that comes directly from Google Play to build interest-based audience lists.

      For example, we could build an audience list of people who have downloaded your top competitor’s app to run a competitor campaign that highlights your app’s outshining attributes.

  • Predictive Modeling & Data Strategy
    • You own your own data and ecosphere when working with our data strategists. We analyze, organize, and implement our client’s business data into their GMP products to build predictive models that operate off of customer lifetime value.

Partnering with Brainlabs means partnering with Google. Our relationship with Google gives us access to their dedicated app specialists so we can approach your challenges with the most experienced team available.